Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Importance of Regional Publishing

In a world where cultures change with every generation, preserving the historic regional culture of a city, state, or area in general is of the utmost importance. Publishing provides a way to immortalize certain aspects of culture, ensuring that they will not be forgotten by incoming generations eager to form their own cultural identity.

The University Press Week's blog tour focuses on that preservation with today's theme: "The Importance of Regional Publishing."

Comprising today's features:

Regional author Chuck D'Imperio sits down with the Syracuse University Press and discusses the roots of regional writing in some of the "classics" and how these stories contribute the culture and history of the region.

Fordham University Press Director Fredric Nachbaur talks about the Empires State Editions imprint, which he established to better market regional books, reflect the university's mission, and co-publish with local institutions.

Steve Yates, marketing manager of the University Press of Mississippi and author of two books, describes the impact that regional publishing had on his writing and his life.

The University Press of Kentucky details what makes Kentucky's cultural heritage and regional books unique.

Erin Rolfs explains the difficulty of capturing everything Louisiana's culture has to offer, and discusses the success that several Louisiana State University Press titles have had in providing a deeper understanding of the state's regional culture.

The Oregon State University Press discusses regional publishing as a whole and the specific titles they have published in the subject.

With increasing emphasis on the global aspect of university press publishing, University of North Carolina Press Editorial Director Mark Simpson-Vos highlights the special value of regional university press publishing.

Derek Krissoff, editor-in-chief of the University of Nebraska Press, defines the meaning of place in university press publishing.

The University of Alabama Press provides a brief overview of the niche role university presses occupy between mass-market trade publishing and non-academic regional and local publishing.

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