Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Spine Poetry

The book spine poetry sensation is sweeping the nation, and we here at the University of Missouri Press could not resist trying out this creative literary medium. Inspired by the earlier postings of Publishers Weekly and the Duke University Press, UMP has been searching its shelves to find the best titles that would help us author a few book spine poems of our own:

Insane Sisters

They Raised Me Up

Call Me Tom

A Fatherless Child

An Unplanned Life

Wondering about the future...

A Semblance of Justice

Long Odds

The Opinions of Mankind

Paradigms of the Past

The Promise of Progress

This one is a bit sad...

The Broken Nest

The Art of Grit

Empty Bed Blues

The Plain Language of Love and Loss

The Consolations of Ambiguity

It's easy to lose sight sometimes of just how much we owe these men and women...

Soldiers and Statesmen

The Forgotten Generation

Beginning the Quest

From Home Guards to Heroes

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Acting Immortal

Talking Razzmatazz

Stratagems to Uncover Nakedness

Held for Questioning

Where Laughter Stops

How well do you really know yourself?

The Elusive Self

Near at Hand

Telling the Untold Story

Above Time

The Way We Know in Dreams

We all know that Friday feeling...

Finally it's Friday

The Fierce Embrace

American Girls, Beer, & Glenn Miller

Banned in Kansas

Unjustly Dishonored

If you have any book spine poetry creations of your own, please let us know! We'd love to share them.

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