Friday, November 15, 2013

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book: The Global Reach of University Presses

Despite having an integral role with universities and the towns they are located in, the impact of university presses is anything but limited to regional. University presses can be just as important in far-reaching corners of the world as they are in their own backyards.

The final day of University Press Week's blog tour highlights those worldwide influences with today's theme of "The Global Reach of University Presses."

Closing out the tour today, we have:

Princeton University Press Director Peter Dougherty discusses the importance of foreign language translations and how they impact a university press's ability to sustain economic health and fulfill their missions.

Chip Rossetti, managing editor of the Library of Arabic Literature, details an international project being undertaken by the LAL that would not be possible without the partnership between the New York University Press and NYU Abu Dhabi.

The Indiana University Press describes their Framing the Global project, which supports scholarly research and publication to promote advancement in all areas of global research.

From book translations to international marketing and the growth of Project MUSE into many different nations, the Johns Hopkins University Press can't help but think beyond the borders of the United States.

Georgetown University Press discusses how its foreign language learning materials, international career guides and international affairs titles give their readers the tools they need to develop a global reach themselves.

Ivan Lett details the Yale University Press's recent US-UK marketing collaborations for the Press's globally published titles, series, and digital products.

University of Wisconsin Press Director Sheila Leary profiles the publishing career of Jan Vansina, one of the founders of the field of African history who has been publishing groundbreaking material with the Press since the 1960s.

Columbia University Press will also be featured.

Thanks for following us throughout University Press Week's blog tour! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Keep checking UMP's blog for exciting updates, new releases and promotions!

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